B型体験4日目 Day 4 of Type B experience

にほんブログ村 メンタルヘルスブログ 統合失調症へ







English below

Today’s Type B experience was tough. I was working on cutting dried fruit, but I felt lightheaded just by standing there, and my eyes were stinging, so I told them I wasn’t feeling well and asked them to take a break. Maybe it was because I hadn’t eaten breakfast or lunch, I thought. I want to prevent the same thing from happening again, but right now I often don’t know how much I’m feeling, so I don’t know if I can manage my health.

My body has become completely unable to work, and it becomes painful. Work that a healthy person could complete quickly will not be completed unless they take their time, and even if they take their time, they are unable to do it because they feel lightheaded like they did today, and they have become completely useless. .

When it comes to difficult topics, I sometimes lose track of what people are saying, which can be a shock. If you can’t speak or listen, it will be really difficult to have a social life as a person. Why did it turn out like this…

After the experience, I went to 7-Eleven and bought a blueberry yogurt smoothie, salad, nana chiki, and natto rolls, and ate them all. I can’t live a well-behaved life right now. However, I can get hungry regularly.

In this writing, there is no punch line, but my goal is to continue living every day.

Tomorrow is hospital day. I think I’ll summarize what I’m going to ask my doctor in advance. It’s good that I go to the hospital every month.